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Shipping Your Own Merchandise (Video)

Selling merchandise (like underwear, used toys, or even cookies) is a great way to earn tokens from devoted fans, but shipping packages always involves privacy concerns – here's a few tips on packaging and shipping your merchandise safely (and sexily).

Stay Safe By Hiding Your Address

The first thing you need to think about when sending someone a package is safety. Thankfully there are many services that will re-mail your stuff from a very far away location. 

Here's how it works:

  1. You provide the package, postage and the sending address (the address of your fan).
  2. For a return address you can either make up a fake one, or use the sending address again.
  3. Put this package into another box and send it to a postage re-mailing service along with proof of payment for the service (you will see instructions on their website for how to provide this).
  4. That's all!

Here are some re-mailing services that do a great job:

Wow Your Fan With A Great Package

When was the last time you received anything other than bills in the mail? Probably a while, right? When you are making your package for your fan, think of it like sending a gift and have fun with it! They'll be very happy to receive something that isn't junk mail for once.

Tips To Make Your Package Special:

1. Include pictures of you!
Bonus: Take pictures of you with the merchandise you're sending. If it's underwear, snap a shot of you wearing them! Used toy? Take a picture of you using it! Cookies? Who doesn't love a naked baker? ;)

2. Include a hand-written note.
Everyone loves getting some real paper-n-pen love every once in a while! 

3. Wrap the items in tissue.

Important Tip! However you send your merchandise, make sure the outside of the parcel is very discrete! It may not only be your fan who sees it before it's opened, you don't want to cause a scene!

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love your CAM4 Coaching Team