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Tipping Games

Tipping games are a great way to start a show, get to know your audience, and (of course) have a lot of fun!

Token Keno 

Broadcaster View

You have up to 12 spots on your game board where you list actions or prizes and set the desired token cost for each.  

Games you can play with Token Keno:


This game is very similar to the classic board game version. Viewers tip to try and sink your battleship and win prizes!

Using all 12 spots, hide a few ships in your board but keep the token prices for all your squares totally random, it adds to the fun. Then you just have to decide if your ship is worth a prize or a show!
*Try hiding a ship between 2 squares, just like the game!

Couples/Group Game!

The point of this game is one person stay's clothed and the other get's naked! Fill out your board with actions focused on you having you way with the other player.

  • Blindfold _____ and touch _____ with different objects.
  • Make ______do yoga poses.
  • Use a Fleshlight, pocket-pussy on ______ while they keep their hands behind their back.
  • Make _______ masturbate while _______ watch.
  • Play ring toss….
  • Ride _____ like a horse (for the love of god don’t hurt yourselves)

Spin the Wheel

Broadcaster View

This has been a longtime broadcaster favorite! To play you must fill in all 12 outcomes and the token price to spin. 

Games you can play with Spin the Wheel:

Wheel Of Fortune!

Yes bb's that's right, you can be Vanna White (or Pat Sajak) and play wheel of fortune. The only difference is that instead of $ amounts on your wheel, you would give your viewers different combinations of letters they could choose from to solve your puzzle. 

Roll the Dice

Roll the dice is a game of chance where you fill in 6 roll outcomes and viewers have to roll and see what prize they win! You must fill out all 6 outcomes and the price per roll. 

Try one of these Roll-the-Dice games!

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, You're Coaching Team